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Uyghur cuisine not only has the characteristics of halal dishes, but also has the culinary characteristics of northwestern Chinese cuisine with strong flavor and fragrance. There are mainly vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, eggs, etc. Vegetables are the same as other cuisines in terms of seasoning. The difference is mainly in the use of meat and eggs, which has unique habits and attention. Uyghur cuisine is mainly based on halal cuisine. Most of them eat beef and mutton, and most of them use the production methods of blasting, roasting, simmering, burning, sauce, grilling and steaming.are mostly used. The famous dishes include roasted whole lamb, large plate chicken, naan-wrapped meat, hand-caught mutton, etc. The taste is salty and spicy.

AS'Salam Restaurant honors the historical heritage of dim sums eaten during reunions and get-togethers with a specialized menu including 37 various styles of steamed and fried dim sums. Using the best pieces of meat and the freshest fish of the day, diners can see cooks produce the craft of unique dim sum artistry through the open kitchen. AS'Salam Restaurant's live seafood tanks allow visitors to choose from a range of crabs, lobsters, and crustaceans, have them prepared to their liking, and have a dining experience unlike any other.

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